Interview: Seyoum at UC Market

Seyoum is the owner of UC Market, on the corner of 3rd Ave and Hugo in the Inner Sunset. I interviewed him for part of a series on the people out working during this coronavirus pandemic. Here, Seyoum shares his experiences over the years:

"I came from Australia, like 16 years ago, and joined my wife, and the owner [of UCSF Market] gave me a job. I said, "I'm looking for a store to open myself," and he said he can sell this store to me. I bought this store, so here I am."

"I have to be careful because people are nervous to come in to the store, because when there's a lot of people, they don't want to come in. This is a small store, so if, let's say, 5 people are in the store, the rest don't want to come in, they stay outside, so that's a difference. Before, they came in as they wished, now they have to be careful."

"As you can see, there is no store inventory. The inventory is only 50%, so people come to look for something that they don't get. We're trying our best, all of us, me and the customers."

"We'll pass through this one, for sure, human beings always come up with solutions and we can keep going, whatever problem we have, as long as we fight it together, we'll succeed."


Interview with Seyoum

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